LSAT CHRONICLES: My Back Up Plan. Everyone needs a good back up plan; mine happens to be Law School. FYI LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR OCT TEST IS SEPT 3! Quote of the Day: “Hey Baby! If things don’t work out with your Man, let me be your BACK UP PLAN!” –blues guitarist LOL

At the Westin Hotel in Copley (Boston, MA)

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2 thoughts on “LSAT CHRONICLES: My Back Up Plan

  1. If this is your back up plan, what is/was the original plan? I’m curious since the LSAT requires stamina, endurance, and serious dedication!

    1. Law School has always been my original plan. I just feel that any plan that invests in higher education always serves as a good back up plan. I always have understood the dedication and stamina that it takes to apply to Law School but I also want to enjoy the process–applying to law school is daunting but I want to make it positive. If I am going to invest in anything then I need to make it enjoyable; and I’m having so much with it. I hope this answers your question.

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