Motivation Monday: Finding Inspiration From Within

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of empowerment to start your week off right.

This weeks words of motivation: Find Inspiration from Within.

In this short 10 min TED talk video, we see graphic designer Saki Mafundikwa show a hidden language of Africa’s unique writing system. In this talk he does not only show us the beauty and elegance of Africa’s symbols, but encourages his students and the world to remember the past; recognize Africa’s unique hand written languages; and more importantly find inspiration from within–and not from the outside world.

What I related to most, from his TED talk, was his idea that we must find inspiration from what’s in front of us (or within)–and not from looking “outside.” Like his students, I struggled to find inspiration (or success) when I moved to Boston. I have been to find success or inspiration by what’s being shown “outside” of one-self (Television Ads, Media, etc.). It was not until I stopped looking to the outside world, and began looking from within, that I found my inspiration and my hidden value.

“Sankofa” does not only imply to “remembering the past or history” but remembering one-self. I had to remind myself that I was handsome; that I loved to write; and that I loved to talk with people. Doing this, I was able to create my career path for myself.

So this week, practice inspiration by looking from within or what’s in front of you. Remember who you are, remember what you love to do, and pursue it. You will be amazed of just how special and intricate (like the hidden language of Africa’s symbols) you really are. Return to the past and look what’s right in front you for inspiration.

If you wish to follow Saki Mafundikwa and his TED talks, go to:

You can also follow him and his digital art school on the web at:

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