Weekly Political Report: The End Of DOMA IS NOT The End of The World

Each week I write a political issue that affects YOU and the WORLD around you.

This week: DOMA and Prop 8.

DOMA being struck down doesn’t mean religious institutions will be forced to conduct same sex marriages, it means that such marriages can receive federal benefits. And Prop 8 was not struck down but ruled that the defendants lacked legal standing to sue. While some may think that this ruling is the end of the world, it is not. Life will continue, like it did when Congress abolished slavery 200 years ago– freeing thousands of second class citizens.

While it is hard for many to grapple with this decision, let us remember that we all want to live in a country where we can be safe from harm and safe to express our beliefs and views–to be free from persecution or punishment, while at the same time pursue the American Dream.

Our country is a country of refuge, a sanctuary; to those who want to better their lives while at the same time better this country. To make our country prosperous, there needs to be protection and assurances to those who want pursue the American Dream. If there is no protection for these types of people or no safe assurance behind the American principle, “the pursuit of happiness,” then this country will never grow into a prosperous nation. Our country is not just a country of refuge but innovation. Because our country permits us to express our cultures and ideas freely–while at the same time protects us from incoming threats each and every day–we are able to give back to this country, and to the world, fruitfully.

It was this country that gave sanctuary to a small band of pilgrims who wanted to pursue freedom of religion; it was this country that provided harvest and good fortune to million immigrants who were plagued by the potato famine; it was this country that gave citizenship to thousands of mistreated citizens under the whip; it was this country that gave the world great minds like Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Martin L. King Jr., Fredrick Douglass, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs; and it was this country that protected the world when it was needed the most from totalitarianism.

It is time for people to act like adults and keep the recent ruling in perspective: institutions will still retain their religious freedoms–and won’t be forced to conduct same sex marriages—and citizens who were affected by this original ruling can apply for federal benefits.

We all have our differences in beliefs and opinions, but we also share the same land, where we can work hard and still be safe from persecution or harm.  As much as I value freedom of expression I also value “responsible and respectful” freedom of expression.  Let us not turn our country, or neighboring states, into war-zones–there’s already bloodshed in places like Israel, Palestine, Syria and Egypt because of differences in opinion.

Side note: While DOMA has less than 18 days left before it becomes “null and void,” it begs the question if polygamists can apply for the same benefits? We have to be very careful of how we define the word “Marriage Equality.”

These are my political opinions. For any questions or comments please direct them to my contact page

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