Motivation Monday: Celebrate Leadership As A Lollipop Moment

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of encouragement to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Celebrate Leadership As A Lollipop Moment

In this short 6 min TED Talk video, we see Drew Dudley give a funny and inspirational talk on leadership; and how we must look at it as a “lollipop moment.”

Before I watched this video, I thought a leader is someone who likes to stand up for others. I was amazed to find out that leadership is a way of changing the world, more importantly changing someone’s life. And Drew Dudley made this discovery when he himself changed the life of a beautiful young girl.

On the last day of school, Drew Dudley was approached by a beautiful young girl who reminded him of a time when he changed her life forever. In this story she told him how she was never going to attend his university, if wasn’t for him and his silly hat. But the one thing that she will never forget was how he convinced a young man standing next her to give her a lollipop for being so beautiful. It was because of that “lollipop moment,” that she was able to stay in that university for four years and date that special guy who gave her that lollipop–not too mention that they got engaged. The funniest thing from all of this was how Drew Dudley had no recollection of that moment, and that was when his transformation began.

“The biggest impact I’d ever have on anyone’s life, a moment that a woman walk up to a stranger four years later and say, ‘You were an incredible person in my life’ was a moment that I didn’t even remember.”

We are so focused on performing big acts of leadership, that we forget how one small lollipop or one compliment can change the life of one person forever. My lollipop moment happened to be Dr. Cornel West‘s voicemail; and how he left message saying how awesome my essay on “Fear” was.

So start this week by celebrating leadership as a lollipop moment. You don’t need to be smart or be the next Bill Gates; don’t try to stress yourself to influence someone’s life. Look around you, a lot of people need your help. It might be a lollipop or $1 bill. Be yourself, stop being selfish and help those who need it .

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Twitter: @NuanceDrew

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