Week In Review

Daily Newsfeed: US Supreme Court strikes down DOMA; Senate Passes Immigration; Father proposes deal for Snowden’s voluntary return; Nelson Mandela is in Critical Condition; Key Voting Rights Provision struck down by US Supreme Court, The Obama’s Visits South Africa; Zimmerman trials takes on “ground and pound” testimony;and, Obamacare makes big leaps towards clearing confusion of its proposition and opposition this summer.

Motivation Monday: To Find Inner-EAR Peace

Weekly Political Report: SCOTUS Strikes Down Key Provision in Voting Rights Act of 1965–A Technical Error? Or a Difference in Opinion.

Throwback Thursdays: Voting Rights Act of 1965

Weekly Spiritual Digest: The Tree And Its Fruit–Don’t Judge the Tree but Inspect its Fruit

Morning Coffee Ed.: Artisan Bistro (Ritz Carlton Hotel)

Cuisine & Dining: Artisan Bistro (Ritz Carlton Hotel)

Sunday Praise: Pray through Peace–not Anger

Uncategorized: Today I Voted; Paying My Dues


Motivation Monday, Weekly Political Report, Throwback Thursdays, Weekly Spiritual Digest, LSAT CHRONICLES

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