Cuisine & Dining: Artisan Bistro (Ritz Carlton Hotel)

20130628-152355.jpgHaving the right breakfast makes a tremendous difference in your work. And so, I had the pleasure of enjoying my morning breakfast at Artisan Bistro (located at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Downtown Boston, Ma).

Instead of starting my day with a cold bagel and hot coffee (in the size of a paper cup) at either Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, I decided to treat myself to a Three Star quality breakfast at Artisan Bistro.

My philosophy is this:

“If you are going to act like a business person, then you might as well eat like one!”

Spending a few extra dollars on a proper breakfast, at a luxurious restaurant, is a healthy investment towards your health and state of mind–which is needed to meet the daily demands of your work. And the breakfast that I had that morning, did just that. Not only was the food excellent, but the service too.

What I loved most from my dining experience was the community and the environment that I was in that morning:

To my left was a beautiful retired couple who were sharing their travel adventures with their waiter; To my right was a group of business professionals, sitting at a long table, that discussed their plans on productivity over over a cup of coffee; and to my center was an entrepreneur who was reading the newspaper while conducting business on his laptop with a traveling bag at his side.

While I was sitting down I could not help but to feel aspired; I was surrounded by professionals and entrepreneurs alike. It felt like a rite of passage! The mental ease and satisfaction that I experienced at Artisan Bistro cannot be put into words. It is because of my experience that I strongly feel that every professional and entrepreneur (especially within my age bracket) should commit to an early and proper breakfast, before going to work, at venue like this. You may run into a CEO of a major start up company, or an athletic superstar.

And so my food of choice, if you ever stop by here for an early morning breakfast, is the Belgian Waffle–which compliments well with a glass of fresh orange juice.

With great food, comes great service. And I want to thank Artisan Bistro and their staff for an excellent breakfast and service. Thank you Ivan, Byron, Robert, Judy, and to the rest of the morning staff.

I plan to come back again for an early and proper breakfast!

Artisan Bistro (Ritz Carlton Hotel)

10 Avery Place

Boston, MA 02111

You can also follow the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Twitter @RitzCarlton


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