ThrowBack Thursdays: Voting Rights Act of 1965

Each Thursday I will miscellaneously post an article that I’ve written in the past or an interview that I did of an extraordinary and interesting individual. And so this week Throwback Thursdays is Voting Rights Act of 1965: “The Federal Fight for ‘Just’ and ‘Unjust’ Laws”

Voting Rights Act
Voting Rights Act (Photo credit: vpickering)

This is a previous article that I’ve written in response to the opening arguments presented in the supreme courthouse on March 1, 2013 in the case of Shelby County Al. v. Holder–a case which Shelby County challenged the fifth provision of the Voting Right’s Act of 1965 to be “unconstitutional.” The provision asks that some or all of 16 states be given a “preclearance” from the Dept of Justice before passing new voting laws or disclosing new voting poll locations; and unfortunately in a 5-4 ruling SCOTUS struck it down. Click on the link below to read my opinion on the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The Federal Fight for “Just” and “Unjust” Laws

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