Morning Coffee Ed.: Artisan Bistro (Ritz Carlton)

I_7RathJfaZB6TaMviZoiFe7UrxtAjILPr3NXjkIzjwWherever my work takes me, so does my coffee. And so this week’s morning coffee edition is Artisan Bistro.

Along with having a proper breakfast at the Ritz Carlton hotel, I complimented my breakfast experience with their special cappuccino–a cup that was not my first choice of the morning.

Before I received my morning breakfast, I ordered a dark roast cup of coffee–to read my complimentary New York Times newspaper and update my followers with the latest news on my website and social media outlets (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.). When I took my first sip, I realized that something was off. Having tasted so many cups of coffee from around the country (San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and now Boston), it was surprising for me to realize that something was off–the best description that I could give was “burnt coffee beans.” However, noticing my dislike in this type of coffee, Byron Godfrey (my waiter) quickly remedied the situation and offered me their cappuccino instead–which I couldn’t be more happier.

What I love about this cup of coffee was its artwork display and rock candy coffee stirrer–the artwork really lived up to its name of the bistro. It was a beautiful combination that made my breakfast experience all the more enjoyable–the rock candy really sweetened my experience. And so my coffee of choice for the Artisan’s Bistro is the cappuccino.

Special thanks to my waiter Byron Godfrey for his kind hospitality and service.

Artisan Bistro (Ritz Carlton Hotel)

10 Avery Place

Boston, Ma 0211

You can follow Ritz Carlton on Twitter @RitzCarlton


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