Motivation Monday: To Find Inner-EAR Peace

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It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of encouragement to start your week off right.

This weeks words of motivation: Find Inner-EAR Peace

In this 10 min TED Talk video we see Julian Treasure, give a most captivating and educational talk about sound; and how it affects us in every aspect of our lives: health, education, and work. Julian Treasure, chairman and sound consultant of Sound Agency and author of Sound Business, asks his audience to pay attention to the sounds around them and explains–through solid facts and excellent audio-visual examples–“why architects need to use their ears.”

The best example he uses in his TED Talk–to explain why we need acoustic sound technology–which I found to be the most persuasive, is his hospital scenario. When Julian Treasure was visiting his terminally ill father in a hospital, he was confronted by huge hospital noises. It was so loud that left him puzzled as to “how anyone could get well in a place that sounds like this.” Furthermore he reports that noise levels in hospitals have doubled in the last few years–affecting not just patients but staff as well. He then asserts that sleep is absolutely crucial for our recovery; it is how we regenerate our bodies. And when noise levels increases in sound, our quality of sleep decreases and our bodies do not get the energy it needs to recover.

Who would have thought that improvements in sound quality can actually increase our quality of life and increase our work productivity–it is no wonder why I can not find a good place or room to study in. It is for these reasons why I commend Julian Treasure for his research and why I consider this to be one of the most compelling “Motivation Monday” posts that I have written thus far.

And so this week’s words of motivation is to “Find Inner-EAR Peace.” Find inner-ear peace by investing time and money in your hearing and to the sounds around you. Instead of ignoring that inner voice inside your head, listen to it!

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