Week In Review

Daily Newsfeed: TV Soprano Star James GandolfiniNew Reports said Britain spied on G-20 delegates; Obama’s favoritism polls plunges; Miami Heat win their 2nd consecutive NBA Championship; Edward Snowden is charged with 3 felonies; and Snowden arrived in Russia en route to Venezuela 

Motivation Monday: A Father’s Love

Weekly Political Report: Edward Snowden–Hero or Traitor?

Throwback Thursdays: Immigration Reform

NetworkingProphetess Valerie Swisher and Daughter Victoria Swisher

Sports: Spurs v. Heat (NBA Finals)

Cuisine & Dining: In House Cafe; Yo! Sushi

LSAT CHRONICLES: Electronic Mail=Email

Uncategorized: A Proper Breakfast

Weekly Spiritual Digest: The Role of A Father–A Father’s Day Tribute


Motivation Mondays, Weekly Political Report, Throwback Thursdays, Weekly Spiritual Digest, Cuisine & Dining, LSAT CHRONICLES, and Morning Coffee Ed.

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