Cuisine & Dining: In House Cafe

20130614-171201.jpgIn House Cafe is another venue of great Mediterranean cuisine that I had the pleasure of dining in Boston, MA.

Without the use of my iPhone technology, to find a place for food and to do my daily updates of my website, In House Cafe was conveniently located across the street from my favorite bookstore: Tom Sawyer’s Old Books and Prints–making it a perfect destination for my afternoon lunch.  

Like Tom Sawyer’s Old Books and Prints, In House Cafe also carries collections of memorabilia art–paintings from Vincent Van Gogh, etc. In House Cafe,  did not only provide me beautiful furniture to sit and enjoy my work, but great Mediterranean cuisine. And so, my food of choice is the Lamb Kabob Shawerma Wrap.

The biggest takeaway from my dining experience at In House Cafe was their food presentation. When they presented me their Shawerma Wrap, I was shocked to see how neat and clean my plate was–they didn’t slap the plate with food. Furthermore, I assumed that I would be eating out of a burger style plastic tray; apparently, I was eating from a plate that was served inside a 2-3 star restaurant.

Thank you In House Cafe for the food and warm hospitality.

In House Cafe

194 Harvard Ave

Allston, MA 02134

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