Cuisine & Dining: Yo! Sushi


Yo! Sushi
If every country had a YO! Sushi bar then the world be in a better place.

These words were my first reaction when I stepped inside YO! sushi–I believe that the United Nations Security Council need to implement a resolution that states all nations must have YO! Sushi on every corner. That is how much I enjoy YO!! Sushi. And the first time that I saw a YO! sushi bar was three years ago in the UK.

The time of my visit to the UK, was the time I was studying International Relations at Oxford University. I may not recall the exact name of the airport or train station I was sitting in, but I did recall seeing a train of food moving in a clockwork fashion in my line of vision. Stunned I was to see this, I truly did not believe that the U.S. would have this type of service. But now three years later, I am happy to say that I was wrong.

There is something magical and extraordinary when food comes to you on a moving conveyor belt–you can see the food that you like and reach for it without delay or a slap on the wrist. The meals are reasonably priced and you can organize your meal plan effectively without intruding your business or conversation.

My meal of choice was the Cucumber Sushi Rolls which complimented well with a bowl of White Rice. Challenging it is to be allergic to fish products, I am glad that Yo! Sushi was able to accommodate my fish allergy.

The next time that your in Washington, DC, be sure to visit Yo! Sushi–which is conveniently located at Union Station.

Here are two videos of my attempt to record a moving video of the conveyor belt ride in Washington, DC’s Yo Sushi. Enjoy! (This is a great opportunity for you to hear me on real live video!) Tell me what you think!


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