Spotlight Feature: Paul Sullivan, The Taxicab Cowboy


Paul Sullivan also better known as “The Taxi Cab Cowboy”

I had the pleasure of knowing “The Taxi Cab Cowboy” on the night of my birthday, which he was kind enough to give me a lift home. Not only is he the most kindest Boston cab driver that I have met, but the most original musicians that I have ever heard.

When I first heard his music, on the night of my birthday, I was blown away by his mixture of country and blues–this is the type of music that you play during a long drive on a highway drive or to a zydeco event. You can tell that his music is bold and real. There are no mix-tapes, no cover songs, and no beat fillers–just good old fashion guitar playing accompanied by real voices and country strings in the background. Paul may not be a Cowboy, but he sure sounds like one.

His song the “Taxi Cab Cowboy” will be released in 2013 along with his debut solo album “A Long Time Comin.” Paul has been a songwriter and guitarist for many years and all of his songs are original and from the heart. So let him take you on a journey from loss, pain, and despair to faith, love, and hope.

Paul has not only been a great taxi cab driver to me but a great friend. He was kind enough to lend me a lift to the Zydeco event in Watertown, MA, where I got to meet and enjoy the sounds of the Legendary Zydeco Artist Preston Frank [ I cannot wait to post my review and experience of that event this week, thanks to Paul].

Paul has a new website to not only help promote his new album, but to make his dream a reality by raising donations to help cover the costs for it. Not only does his website makes it very easy for you to give your donations (contributing from $5-$1000) but gives you great perks too (from a warm handshake to VIP tickets to his first show). However, he only has 24 days left before he can make his dream a reality by reaching his goal of $10,000.

In the first 4 days, I have received 300 views–and by the end of week I should have 800 views or more. If every viewer contributes at least $10 dollars by the end of this week, we would have $8,000 for Paul to make his dream a reality!–and that would be enough time to meet his goal before the end of the month. So please help me [and him] to make his dream a reality. Not for a musician artist, but for a friend.

To contribute and help make Paul’s dream a reality go to:

Here is an introduction to The Taxi Cab Cowboy!

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