Video: Dolling Foundation Fashion Show

Here is a video, of the lovely ladies (founders of the Dolling Foundation) that I ran into at Bloomingdales. I am not in this video, but I am glad to have met them and I hope to interview them in the near future.


 This company came about with the purpose to encourage woman with cancer, despite their hair loss because of the Chemotherapy. Dolling Extensions makes 100% Human Authentic Indian hair extensions for woman who have lost their hair or for woman that want a fresh new look without damaging their real hair. Their dream has been unfolding as they have been able to use their resources to make products that boost women’s confidence and give them a reason to smile. When asked, both woman said they starting their company and foundation has been extremely gratifying, because of simply knowing they are supporting women that are struggling through illness. Dolling recently had a fashion show at Bloomingdales in San Diego’s Fashion Valley Mall where 10% of store sales went to funding more of the foundation’s wigs. [I bought a bow tie to support their cause!]

You can follow the dolling foundation at:

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