Week In Review

Daily Newsfeed: First Person News Story: Boston Construction Workers Go On Protest Against David Pogorelc; IRS scandal: Steven Miller, new acting IRS chief: DOJ probe on seizing journalists’ phone numbers: & Commuter Train wreck in Connecticut stirs up serious questions

Motivation Monday: Listen to the Words of a Woman–Embrace Different Opinions

Talk Tuesdays: Trimaine Davis–SAAB Brother and Community Advocate for Education

Weekly Political Report: A New Face to Jim Crow–The IRS

Weekly Spiritual Digest: A Woman’s Strength and Determination–A Tribute to Mother’s Day

Cuisine & Dining: Cafe Hemshin 

Networking: Photographer Artur AndronicZydeco Artist Preston Frank


20130518-153416.jpgTalk Tuesdays w/ LaDarrel “LD” Hagans–Well-Renowned Boston Community Organizer & Upcoming Music Artist

Daily Newsfeed, Motivation Monday, Talk Tuesdays, Weekly Political Report, Weekly Spiritual Digest, Zydeco Spotlight Feature

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