Cuisine & Dining: Cafe Hemshin


I had the pleasure of enjoying exquisite Mediterranean cuisine at Cafe Hemshin on a beautiful Friday afternoon in Boston, Massachusetts. Located in a little back alley way of Boston’s well renowned Old State House, lies a Mediterranean gem of culture and cuisine. Although it was difficult for me to find at first, with the help of IPhone technology and the aroma Falafel, I found Cafe Hemshin with little time and haste.

When I entered Cafe Hemshin I couldn’t help but to be attracted by its wonderful display of food–the possibilities were endless but my choices were only limited. Confused on what I should get as my first plate to Mediterranean cuisine, I decided to do the unorthodox: I chose both the buffet and the house favorite Chicken Shish Kebab–I told myself that I was quite happy for missing breakfast that day. It was unfortunate that I could not fit it all in my stomach, but it was enough for me to enjoy what Cafe Hemshin had to offer–I even had extra food to take with me as leftovers.

For anyone who wishes to try and experience Mediterranean cuisine for the very first time at Cafe Hemshin then I recommend you ordering the house favorite Chicken Shish Kebab–unless you want to take on the unorthodox and try both–because the menu is quite overwhelming for a first timer, like myself.

My favorite taste from my experience was their pilaf rice, which complimented tremendously well with their chicken and pita bread. The humus was entirely a new taste for me–a taste that I cannot wait to acquire.

The most memorable experience that I would take with me, from my food experience, is their kindness. When I was about to buy my second soda drink at the register, I was embarrassed that I did not have enough pocket change (close to none) to pay for it. However the manager was nice enough to grant me the soda, for the change that I did have, and that’s when I knew that I had experienced true Mediterranean hospitality.

Thank you Cafe Hemshin for your cuisine and kind hospitality–I will remember to carry more change on my next visit!

Cafe Hemshin is located on:

8 City Hall Avenue

Boston, MA 02128

You can follow Cafe Hemshin at Yelp!

Tel: 617-227-3430;


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