First Person News Story: Boston Construction Workers go on Strike


On my way to Boston Common Coffee Co, I ran into a construction protest on Washington Street in Boston Massachusetts. Here is my interview with two construction workers who led the protest.

Construction Protest 12:15 pm
Corrected 5/17/2013
Corrections: *workers did not appear to have green cards.

Disclaimer: Construction own words.

Prince: Tell me what’s going on? What is your struggle?

Construction Worker #1: He’s got out-of-state contrators; we also been told that the *workers did not appear to have green cards. He is working under the table. He is not paying health benefits..

Construction Worker #2: He has added million to his bank account! And he’s not paying the guys enough to have insurance!

Prince: What is his name?

CW #1: David Pogorelc

Prince: David Pogorelc

CW#1: Yeah you know He is not paying any health benefits, their paying under the table, he is not paying any taxes to the city, which doesn’t go back to the police department, fire department, the schools..

CW#2: HE doesn’t care if workers cant buy homes! HE doesn’t care if workers can’t send their children to school! HE gets richer the poor gets poorer!

CW#1: Right

CW#2: HE doesn’t care about this city! He doesn’t care about you! He doesn’t care about me! He only cares about himself and his BIG FAT BANK ACCOUNT! HE gets RICHER and we get POORER!

Crowd: That’s right! Tell him!

CW2: HE doesn’t pay the people enough money for health insurance. He is a no good dirty Rat! And he doesn’t care about this city! And he needs to be driven out of the city! He is a RAT! A RAT!

Crowd: (Laughing) You tell him Buddy!

CW#1: That’s how it goes brother. Thank you.

Prince: No problem

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