Week In Review

20130430-105957.jpgDaily Newsfeed:  Prince Celebrated his 24th Birthday; Kurt apologizes on CNN for errors; Israel Strikes Syria Again; Republican Jim Demint says Immigration Reform will cost in the Trillions; Feds search Bombing suspects friends apartment; UK Parliament Deputy Speaker denies Rape allegations; Orb wins the 139th Kentucky Derby; and 5 year old boy accidently shoots 2 year old sister with rifle.

Motivation Monday: Push!

Talk Tuesdays: Behind the Scenes with “Mr. Hollywood” (Actor Rene Mena)

Weekly Spiritual Digest: The Good Samaritan

Morning Coffee Ed.: The Parish Cafe

Cuisine & Dining: The Parish Cafe

Networking: Don Lemon CNN News Anchor; Pastor Raul Rouille  

Uncategorized: Prince’s Bday Adventures–Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Blood Donation); Prince’s BDay Bash–Celebrating the Year of the Black Mamba; My [Prince’s] Life in so few words.


Talk Tuesdays with Sean Sheppard-CEO and Founder of Embrace 59602_3363713310814_1631618774_n

Daily Newsfeed, Motivation Monday, Weekly Political Report (Operation Blowback), Morning Coffee, Weekly Spiritual Digest

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