Daily Newsfeed

Three friends of bombing suspect faces Fed Charges for harboring terrorist; 5 yr. old Kentucky boy fatally shoots 2 year old sister; White House angers Women groups after Plan B appeal; Obama nominates Penny Pritzker as new secretary of commerce; Hillary Clinton makes her move to the big screen; David Petraeus goes All-In on USC teaching job; Companies and associations buy up ESPN air time to win Obama; and Chris Kelly from Kriss Kross dies. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Three friends face Fed charges for harboring bomb suspect

5 year old boy shoots Kentucky girl

WH angers women group after birth contrl appeal

Obama nominates Penny Pritzker

“Rodham” the movie

Petraeus takes on USC teaching post

Winning Obama via ESPN

Chris Kelly from Kriss Kross dies

Jamestown settlers turned cannibals

Missing Woman turns up after 11years of hiding


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