Prince’s Bday Adventures (Part Three): Donating My Blood


Rather than asking what can I GET for my Birthday, I asked, “What can I GIVE for my Birthday?”

After the Boston Marathon Bombings I was inspired to give back. I knew what I wanted to give, but being swamped with work, I did not have the time to pursue my goal. However when the opportunity presented itself, to give blood on my Birthday, I knew that I had to seize it–and seized it I did.

When I called to make an appointment on my birthday, I was told that all blood donation sites in Boston were booked till next month. I admit that I was disappointed at first, but deep down I knew that I could not wait. And so,the day before my birthday, I planned my trip to get there early so I can be first in line-and first in line I was.

When I checked in I could not believe my eyes: it actually resembled a spa/pedicure and nail salon. However the care takers were dressed in scrubs and the weren’t any palm trees or soothing music to greet me at the door.

When I finally donated my blood, I could not help but to say this to myself:

I do not know who will receive my blood but I hope they know that this blood comes from a Prince–for my blood carries Kings and Queens in my family

My blood does not only carry Kings and Queens (the late Chief Dr. Yiadom Sefa-Boakye from Kumasi, Ghana on my Dad’s side), but leaders as well (one being a revered pastor in West Virginia on my Mom’s side)

There was a time in history when we regarded our blood as sacred; and I am glad to have been part of a sacred act. Giving blood is like giving your soul but also your history. Every one of us carries a history or a story in our bloodline that makes us all unique. And when we give blood appropriately, stories intermingle and bonds become stronger.

Thank you Red Cross staff (from 276 Tremont street) for your hospitality and for not spilling my blood on my white pants. 🙂

I have unanimously decided to give blood every year on my Birthday!



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