Week In Review

White House


Daily Newsfeed: White House Correspondent’s Dinner was a huge success; Congress puts an end to air traffic delays; Investigators have begun their search for bombing suspect’s missing laptop; FBI arrests ex Martial Arts instructor James Everett Dutschke in ricin letter scandal; Carjacking victims tells his 90 mins story of horror and the desperate hunt for survivors in Bangladesh building collapse continues.


Motivation Monday: Patience


Talk Tuesdays w/ Mayor Casey Tanaka: His Life and His Rise to the Mayor’s Office


Morning Coffee Ed: Blue Bottle Coffee Co.


Men’s to do list: Bow Ties


Archives: Unveiling the Mask of Realpolitik


Weekly Spiritual Digest: Forgive–for it is in The Lord’s Prayer






Interview w/ Actor Rene Mena aka “Mr. Hollywood” (This Tuesday)


Daily Newsfeeds, Morning Coffee, Weekly Political Report, and Weekly Spiritual Digest


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