Motivation Monday: Push!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of empowerment to start your week off right.

This week’s word of motivation is Push! Push when you don’t feel like pushing anymore.

In this 6 minute video we see a football coach, teaching his team on the importance of persistence but more importantly determination. What first started out as a normal day of training exercises ended as a monumental display of courage and inner strength.

Brock, the team leader, did not believe that his team could win in the upcoming game. When the coach heard this he then challenged Brock to “death crawl” across the field and to give his very best–while carrying his teammate on his back (blindfolded). And through out that tumultuous crawl to the end zone we saw how the human body can overcome any pain or mental doubt.

What struck me throughout that whole video was the blindfold. What if he didn’t have on that blindfold? Would he have given up? I strongly believe that it was his blindfold that helped conquer his pain.

When we see a wall in front us, we stop immediately. But when we don’t see a wall, we continue to push forward

The coach knew that Brock had created an imaginary wall for himself, and so, to break his vision, he placed the blindfold on him– to show him and his teammates that nothing is impossible.

So this week’s lesson is to Push!–even when you don’t want to. I push myself every morning and every week to provide you the news and new blog posts, because I want to be the best at what I do.

Put your blindfold on and push till you reach the end-zone!

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