Men’s to do list: Bow ties


If everyone in the world wore bow ties then the world would be better a place

These were the first words that came to mind when I first tied my perfect bow-tie.

Bow-ties are truly are a Gentleman’s best friend. I believe that one cannot start a tumultuous day without a cup of coffee in one hand and a bow-tie around the collar.

When you a wear bow-tie (especially one that you tied yourself) you feel light as a feather–your attitude changes and you can take on any lemons that are thrown at you.

As much as I love the traditional neck ties or power ties, they are actually more like nooses than they are ties. Think about it?

Do you feel happy, excited, or nostalgic when throw on a tie for work in the morning versus a bow tie? I understand that you have to follow protocols and standard procedures at the office, but do you feel more productive at work with a bow-tie (one that you tied yourself) than you would with an ordinary neck tie?

Wearing ordinary neck ties are like nooses that you wear for work in order to be enslaved. Neck ties do not serve to uplift your spirits or make you happy at work. Why do you think so many people are so happy to loosen their neck ties when they get off of work?

It’s time to take back your freedom and invest in bow-ties once more. How I tied my first bow-tie was by reading a book called, “A Men’s Guide to Menswear” by Nordstrom Rack.

I highly recommend that you read reading materials for tying bow-ties so you can rely on your ingenuity and resilience versus watching YouTube-that’s how I did it. You can also follow “Tie Chatter” a fellow blogger who blogs about bow ties. I am sure he can teach you the right way to tie a bow-tie.

Buy a bow-tie today and start practicing. Show off your freedom at work!


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