Inside Story: Boston Marathon Bombing, from the words of a Marathon Runner

Today I had the extraordinary opportunity to speak with a Marathon runner (Jessica), who was near the explosion. Jessica, happened to be a few miles away from it when she heard the explosions. (Paraphrased Conversation, not exact words)

Jessica, Chicago Marathon Runner

“I heard explosions 30 mins after I completed the Boston Marathon Race. I was at a place near Boston Commons, where all marathon runners gathered when they completed the race. It was a beautiful day and everybody was having fun–enjoying the moment.

When I first heard the noise, I really didn’t know what it was–I really thought it was a car backfire. But 10 min afterwards, I see cops rushing in and then, by word of mouth, marathoners told me that it was a bomb explosion.

What I heard was that the bomb went off at “Marathon Sporting Goods.” But it was right behind the spectator stand. So whoever did it, they maybe aiming at spectators; not marathon runners.

It was really scary. I try not to think about it, but it was unexpected. Children were hurt by it. Then I hear that a bomb was exploded at JFK library. You can assume that the police is scouting the city for bombs.

The bomb that I heard was not big to me, but it did affect a lot of people. Its a shame really.”

Jessica also noted that hospitals are in lock-down, so it will be difficult for family members to see their loved ones in the hospital. A few hotels are locked-down as well.


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