Morning Coffee Ed.: Tartine


Wherever my work takes me, so does my coffee. And so, today’s morning coffee edition is Tartine.

In my last hours of running errands in the little peninsula (Coronado)–preparing my leave to the East Coast–I came across a coffee shop that was very familiar to me, but never had the chance to sit down and have coffee. And since I knew that this would be my last day in Coronado (San Diego), I had to at least sit down and enjoy one more cup of coffee before I go.

And so, I had the pleasure of sipping something unique than the ordinary: spiced chai latte. An aromatic flavor of Indian spices and herbs–topped off steam milk froth. It had a sweet and warm undertone of pumpkin pie that reminded me of Thanksgiving dinner with family.

Tartine does not only serve great desserts and specialty cafe drinks, but creates an open environment for one to enjoy company with friends.

Tartine is located on the corner of First St and Orange Ave (right near the Ferry). And, I highly recommend their Spiced Chai latte.

To follow Tartine, go to: Yelp!, Facebook,Coronado Patch



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