Daily Newsfeed

Sec of State Kerry warns North Korea against missile launch; Sen Rubio goes all-in on Immigration Bill; Sen. McCain calls Kim Jong Un a “clown”; In Hollywood, RNC affirms Gay Marriage; The House is ready to take on Gun legislation next Monday; White House Press Secretary Jay C Rips Jay Z; NHL stamps out homophobia; and Dubai comes out with new Lamborghini patrol car fleet. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Kerry warns N Korea against missile launch

Rubio All-in on immigration bill

McCain calls Kim a clown

Hollywood RNC affirms Gay Marriage

Gun legislation in House on Monday

Jay C rips Jayz

NHL stamps out homophobia

Dubai unveils Dubai Car fleet

Reebok drops Rick Ross over Rape lyrics

Margeret Thatcher not remembered fondly by most Britains

Newtown families turn Lobbyists


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