Weekly Political Report: Kim Jong Un. Who?

Kim Jong-un Pyongyang Subway

Every week I will write a political issue that affects you and the world on you.

This week: Kim Jong Un and North Korea

My name is Kim Jong Un..Who?!?!? Kim Jong Un..Who?!?!–Who is Kim Jong Un?

Back then nobody wanted him, but now he’s hot everybody is talking about him.

Kim Jong Un, the son of the late-North Korean dictator of Kim Jong-il and the dead dictator’s late third mistress Ko Yong-hui, has picked a fight with United States and South Korea; and has threatened to launch nuclear missiles (like South Korea, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, etc.) whenever he is ready to declare war. This young and inexperienced North Korean dictator has been the talk of the town–attracting celebrities like Dennis Rodman and portrayed in movies like Olympus has Fallen. He has no idea what he is putting himself (and his country) into. Or is he putting up a veil over the eyes of the world to hide something else? But first let’s talk about how the North Korean nuclear threat first escalated.

What Happened?

On March 11, 2013, The North Korean army declared the armistice agreement as invalid (Reason: Unclear)–ending the Korean War which was first put in place in 1953. And since then, North Korea had been threatening to scrap the armistice after the U.N. Security Council passed tougher sanctions against it in response to its February 12 nuclear test–they also cut off direct phone links with South Korea at the inter-Korean border village of Panmunjom, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. The phone line was the emergency link for quick, two-way communication between the two sides.

This agreement was more of a truce, than a peace treaty. It remains to be seen whether this invalidation means that either side can resume hostilities, but the two sides were technically at war with each other since 1950s.

Source: North Korea Declares Armstices Invalid

History Background

For most of the first half of the 20th century, Japan controlled the Korean peninsula as its colony. By the end of the World War II as Japan neared defeat, the allies agreed to an independent Korea. The United States and Soviet Union divided postwar occupation of Korea (Cold War) along the 38th parallel and the two sides were ideologically opposite. But, On June 25, 1950, a surprise attack by North Korean soldiers who crossed the 38th parallel were easily overwhelmed by the South Korean forces; the United States leapt to the defense of the South. As South Korean, U.S. and U.N. forces fought back and gained ground into North Korea, Chinese forces joined the war on the North’s side later that year. And to this day, China remains a crucial ally of North Korea and the U.S. of South Korea.

The toll of the war included about 1.2 million deaths in South Korea, 1 million deaths in North Korea, 36,500 deaths for U.S. troops and 600,000 deaths for Chinese soldiers. The brutal war separated thousands of families, and created the world’s most heavily fortified border. It also drew the alliances that exist today. And so after 3 years of bloodshed both Korea’s signed an armistice in July 1953–The terms of the armistice included the creation of the Demilitarized Zone, a heavily fortified 155-mile long (250 kilometers) 2.5-mile wide line separating the two countries. However it wouldn’t be the first time that North Korea has crossed their boundaries and not respect their armistice agreement.

Source: North Korea Declares Armstices Invalid

North Korea’s Broken Promises

  • In 2003, Pyonyang’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) announced that it may have “no option” but to stop honoring the armistice because of the United State’s “persistent war moves.”
  • In 2009, North Korea said its military would no longer be bound by the agreement because South Korea was joining a U.S.-led anti-proliferation plan. It was because of this explicit move (the U.S. joining with South Korea) that North Korea retaliated. Pyongyang, carried out its third nuclear test despite tough U.N. Security Council Sanctions which was approved by an international consensus including China and Russia.
  • In 2010, North Korea bombed a South Korean ship killing 46 South Korean sailors. They were accused of using a South Korean ship as target practice

Source: North Korea Declares Armstices Invalid

Fast-Forward to Now

North Korea is seriously on the verge of launching any nuclear missiles without warning. Reason being that Kim Jong Un has made it clear to strike South Korea (warning foreigners in South Korea to leave), through destructive behavior and rhetoric. Kim Jong Un has failed to comply with UN security council resolutions (which China and Russia have approved): failed to stop nuclear missile testing: and has completely isolated his country’s communication lines and means of business to the rest of the world. Experts have stated that North Korea does not have the technology to launch a full out missile warhead launch, however they do have the means to strike targets that are within their reach–South Korea being one of them, and Japan as well.

The U.S. has already made it clear that if North Korea does strike its allies, then US will strike back–U.S. has 28,000 soldiers in South Korea, and 6,000 in Japan. However there is a serious dichotomy in this argument on whether or not U.S. will engage combat. If North Korea launches any missiles overseas, then U.S and allies will not engage because it will be perceived as testing–missiles launching from North Korea to water=no threat. But if North Korea does hit land on any U.S-ally soil, then U.S and allies will respond by employing missile defense systems, which satellites will pick up the missile and allies will destroy it before it reaches soil. In the slightest chance if that were to happen, there will not be a full-scale war between us and them. South Korea has made it clear that they do not want to reclaim or take territory away from North Korea.

Source: Japan Deploys Missile-defense batteries, White House message to North Korea (video), What will happen if missiles launches? (video), Sen Levin’s take on missile launch (video), Official word On North Korea missile launch as Imminent (video)

Inside the Mind of Kim Jung Un

Who is Kim Jong Un, and what is he thinking? How can a young man–raised from a Switzerland boarding school and with an affinity for James Bond and Michael Jordan-be Public Enemy #2 on U.S.A’s list? Analysts speculate that since North Korea is a Confucius society where age and strength is respected, Kim Jong Un is compensating his young age with military strength. It has also been reported that Kim Jong Un had plastic surgery to look like his father. Furthermore, he is using his military strength to rattle us; frighten us; and distract us (along with other countries) from implementing Security Council Sanctions and other pressure points.

For how long will he put up this front? Military experts do not know, including Dick Cheney. However one thing is for certain if Kim Jong Un, continues on this path, he will cripple his country and its people from economic growth.

Food for thought: It seems strange that Kim Jong Un, has warned foreigners on land to take safety measures, but not foreigners on water?

Source: Cheney to GOP Leaders: “We’re in Deep Doo Doo,”; Inside Kim Jong Un’s Life (Video)


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