Motivation Monday: Inner Strength–Letting Your Disability Be Your Greatest Strength

Its Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of empowerment to start off your week right.

This week’s words of motivation: Inner Strength–Letting Your Disability Be Your Greatest Strength

In this short film, we see a story of a young Violinist struggling with her disability: hearing loss. In the beginning  we can see her being taunted by the young Pianist–being told that playing the violin is not for the deaf. And in her moment of despair, she runs to her friend and mentor, crying to him, as to why she can’t be like the others. Her mentor then said to her (using sign language),

“Why do you have to be like the others?”

He tells her that Music is a visible thing and all you have to do is close your eyes to see it. He encourages her to continue to practice the violin, even though her peer continues to bully her.

The night of the music contest finally arrives and we see the Pianist, playing the piano. And as we see her play, we also see the tragedy of the violinist and her friend unfold–with her friend in the hospital and her violin smashed to the ground. The Pianist received an amazing applause, and the Violinist never showed up. But, just as they were about to announce the awards, the young Violinist walks onstage, picks up her broken violin, closes her eyes and plays. And as she is en-wrapped in her music playing, we see fields of green, a butterfly, and an gorgeous sunset. The music then comes to a complete silence, and the Violinist receives an outstanding ovation.

Her weakness in hearing became her greatest strength. She did not listen to the music; she SAW the music. Her disability enabled her to SEE Music–unlike others who couldn’t.  And that in return allowed her to triumph over adversity, and win first place. I also strongly believe it is why Beethoven became one of the greatest classical composers on earth.

Strength does not lie on the outside. Strength lies within.

Find your inner strength. If you have a disability and or weakness let it be your greatest strength. Be patient with yourself, and envision how you want to see a path for yourself, the way the Violinist envisioned it.

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