Men’s to do list: Body Massage


Your Boss may demand your physical presence 24/7, but your body and mind demands at least one day of relaxation and rest. And so Gentlemen, in order to maintain your physical well being, here on Planet Earth, you must commit to at least one day of relaxation: body massage.

Last week I had the pleasure to experience true relaxation at Dcompress Downtown in San Diego, Ca.–Voted San Diego’s Best Massage by The Union Tribune, for the 2nd year in a row!

Keeping up with the daily demands of my work as a political correspondent, can be exhausting–both physically and mentally. And so when I heard that Dcompress Downtown was having a $49 1 hr full body massage discount special for March Madness, I knew that I had to jump on the opportunity (figuratively speaking).

And so for a full hour my body, mind, and spirit was at peace.My mind and spirit listened to the beautiful sounds of Snatam Kaur, while my body relieved itself from tension and stress.

I highly recommend that putting aside a day of relaxation for your body and mind, should be a monthly requirement. Having the right clothes is good enough to get your foot in the door, but having the right body posture and mind set is essential to carrying out your daily work. Professional athletes spend a day on body relaxation, so why can’t you?

To find more monthly discounts as well as yoga classes from Dcompress Downtown, go to:, and subscribe to receive discount newsletters.

To make an appt call: 619-940-7556


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