Daily Newsfeed

China and US cyberwar escalates; Police find NRA Certificates from both mom and Adam Lanza; North Korea ready its rockets after US show of force; why are Republicans winning the sequester wars; GOP condemns Rep. Young’s wetback comment; Boehner praises GOP victory; Obama pushes for billion dollar investment in infrastructure; Cyprus criticizes Euros zone experimentation; Mandela is making a steady recovery; and Adult Motorists text more than teens while driving. All this and more, please follow the links below.

China and US cyberwar escalates

Mom and Adam Lanza have NRA certificates

N Korea readies its rockets

Why Republicans are winning the sequester wars

Rep Young misuse of wetback

Boehner praises GOP victory

Obama pushes for Billion dollar investment

Cyprus criticizes Euro Zone experimentation

Mandela is making a steady recovery

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