Men’s to do list: Sunglasses


“50 Shades of Cool”

Fashion comes and goes, but sunglasses are forever! Sunglasses do not only give us protection from the blinding sun and flashing “paparazzi” lights, but also sex appeal. Sunglasses can boost our clothing apparel and sex appeal by five brownie points-if worn the right way!

For us gentlemen, it’s already self-explanatory of how powerful sunglasses are; so there’s no need to put this on our to-do list. However, what is important, which I do want to emphasize is this:

“You do not pick the sunglasses–the sunglasses picks you!”

Like in the first Harry Potter movie, when Harry Potter was selecting his first wand: he did not choose the wand, the wand chose him. The same supernatural connection that is shared between wizard and wand, works the same with man and sunglasses.

Sunglasses can fend off enemies and attract romance at the same time (and in most cases, vice versa). Again, we know this because we have seen it in action.

And so, gentlemen when you select your shades remember that it has to represent you and more importantly your WORK! Your work is what gives you your appeal, your clients, and most importantly your business. Always keep that mind–Always!

For complete selection of the type of shades out there, go to:

Photo: Horton Plaza “Sunglasses Hut”


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