Morning Coffee Ed.: Operacaffe


Wherever my work takes me, so does my coffee. And so today’s edition is Operacaffe.

Right across from the legendary Balboa Theater in San Diego, Ca, lies a masterpiece of Italian cuisine and taste. Operacaffe, award winning restaurant and winner of San Diego Magazine’s “Critic’s Pick Award” (2009), provided me a taste of Florentine hospitality.

This morning, while I was exploring the busy streets of San Diego for my next photo shoot location, I came across a coffee shoppe that was unfamiliar to me–it’s name that spelled “cafe” with two “f’s” instead of one. And as I approached this cafe (or restaurant), I could not help but to be drawn by its interior design: brick walls and shelved wine glasses across the walls. And it was their Tuscan interior design that made me sit down and enjoy their cup of coffee.

And so, this morning I had the pleasure of sipping their cappuccino. A bold and strong taste with creamy foam on top. It gave me the boost and satisfaction I needed to enjoy my newspaper while posing in front of the camera.

For great coffee, great Florentine Food, and wines, I highly recommend that you go to Operacaffe. If you wish to start your morning right (like I did), then sip your coffee on the front patio; you will get that rush and adrenaline of San Diego city life. Their hospitality that they showed me was by none the friendliest, and that is something that I will always take with me.

Bon Appetit

To make reservations call: 619-234-6538

To Follow Operacaffe and get more information:


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