Morning Coffee Ed.: Fabrison’s Cafe


Wherever my work takes me so does my coffee. And so today’s edition is Fabrison’s Coffee.

Located on a little street across from Hotel Del Coronado lies a gem of authentic French cuisine. What use to be known as Bino’s, is now a French creperie cafe serving all types of sweets and coffee.

And so this morning I had the pleasure of sipping their classic French Roast coffee–creme and sugar. This complimented well with their famous sweet crepe: L’Isabella. A sugar and butter crepe topped with powdered sugar.

The combination of the two provided a sweet sensation along with a smooth boost I needed to get my work done for the the morning. And the French music playing in the background provided the escape I needed to imagine myself sitting at bistro that I once visited in Paris, France.

Bon Appetit!


Frabrison’s has two stores: one in Coronado and the other in Downtown, San Diego.

To Follow Fabrison’s:
Fabrison’s Creperie (Facebook)

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