Men’s to do list: Dry Cleaning

My Fellow Gentlemen,

If you are away from home, and you don’t have time to iron your clothes then I highly recommend that you incorporate DRY CLEANING as part of your bi-weekly regimen.

My philosophy is simple: “If you can afford your own apparel, then surely you can afford dry cleaning.”

As a man, one must take responsibility to maintain its integrity. Maintain what you paid for.

“Your clothing apparel is like your battle armor. If tarnished or badly bruised, your enemies will not look twice to pierce your soul.”

And so, Gentlemen I highly urge you to visit your local dry cleaners, and rebuff your battle armor. We live in a world of professionalism and your clothing apparel could be the difference of you landing that perfect job interview to landing that romantic date

So give yourself a break, and go to your local dry cleaners. Not only are you helping your small business, but you will still get that same love and perfection that you would also get from ironing your clothes.

You can also receive great discounts (especially if your Military) from your store as well. Today I received 10% off!!

Luxury Cleaners
110 B Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118

(With Maryam. She has done my clothing since I was little kid; she’s been a mother to me)


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