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Daily Newsfeed

Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases its 2nd Movie trailer!; Ten doctors urges Columbia University to fire TV Doctor Dr. Oz; Gasoline and Shelter costs raise consumer prices by 0.2 percent; WikiLeaks posts searchable database of Sony e-mails and documents; and Ebola nations request debt cancellation and billions in aid. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases its 2nd Movie trailer!

Group of doctors urges Columbia University to fire Dr. Oz

Gasoline and shelter costs raise US consumer prices

WikiLeaks posts searchable database on Sony e-mails and documents

Ebola nations request debt cancellation and billions in aid

Daily Newsfeed

Al Sharpton launches hunger strike over Loretta Lynch vote; Republicans use abortion fight to block attorney general confirmation for Loretta Lynch; Hilary Clinton takes a firm stance on driver’s licenses for undocumented workers; Brazilian Model Gisele Bundchen takes her last cat walk in São Paulo; and GOP Presidential Contender Marco Rubio says he attended a gay wedding. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Al Sharpton launches Hunger Strike over Loretta Lynch vote

Republicans use abortion fight to block Loretta Lynch

Hilary Clinton takes firm stance on driver licenses for undocumented workers

Model Gisele Bundchen takes her last catwalk

Marco Rubio said he attended a gay wedding

Daily Newsfeed

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, church bells will ring at 2:49pm for a moment of silence; Aaron Hernandez is found guilty of murdering Odin Lloyd in June 2013; Al Qaeda is beating ISIS; Here is the worst question you could ask a women in a job interview; and Today is Jackie Robinson Day. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Two year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Aaron Hernandez is found guilty of murder

Al Qaeda is beating ISIS

The worst question to ask a women in a job interview

Jackie Robinson day: Celebrating Jackie Robinson’s MLB’s debut in 1947

#FashionEmbassy presents David Josef Fashions

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Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge. A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with professionals and see the latest trends in fashion.

This month’s fashion look: David Josef Fashions

David Josef Fashions (princesdailyjournal)David Josef is a well-renowned fashion designer here in Boston–specializing in women’s clothing. Designing women’s clothing for over 38 years, he has done it all. He has been blessed to have sold his clothing in department stores across America–stores like Neimann Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales, etc–and has done television and movie work in New York.

David Josef Fashions, he says, is a “feminine, tailored, uncluttered, and simple look.” They are elegant designs which last for a life-time. His inspiration behind his designs stems from his clients who have grown with him over the years. He understands his clients needs and concerns from day one–taking the time to actually listen to them–and transforms them into beautiful celebrities, while still keeping them up to date with cultural standards. However his biggest pride and joy, is using his keen fashion designs to raise money for Amiee Takaha’s Farm Animal Sanctuary in Arizona.

aimeephoto (aimeesfarmanimalsanctuary)In a recent fashion show, held at the Beehive restaurant in Boston, Ma, David hosted a charity event to commend the good works of his good friend Aimee Takaha. Aimee Takaha is not only a dear friend to David, but a lifetime friend towards unwanted and abused farm animals. Aimee’s lifetime career is rescuing unwanted and abused farm animals or animals that are going to slaughter house. “Aimee would actually go to these auctions, where animals could be potentially bought for slaughter, and buys them,” David says. She knows she can’t save all of them, but the ones that she does save are rehabilitated and loved back to life.

In a short video (below), which was shown at the fashion show, Aimee was commemorated for her great works in restoring the lives of abused farm animals–and how over time they are able to love people again. “They are loved back to life!,” David says. And through the power of David’s charity fashion show, and his great support group of friends and clients, they were able to buy all the seats at Beehive Restaurant and raise over $15,000 for Aimee so she can continue her good work at her farm in Arizona.

David Josef Fashions (princesdailyjournal)

David Josef’s biggest advice for future fashionistas and fashion designers is to be passionate but know how to sew. “It’s tough,” he says. When he first started in the 1970s, there was nobody who was doing what he was doing. But now everyone is doing it. Regardless he says, “You need to have a passion; be poor for awhile; and most importantly know how to sew.”

David Josef Fashions (princesdailyjournal)

To see my photos from the fashion show go to my Flickr Acct: “David Josef Fashions”
To follow David Josef and his designs go to his Facebook Page: David Josef Fashions. You can also find him at on Google.

To email him, email him at

To follow and donate Aimee’s work with rescuing abused farm animals , go to

Here is Aimee’s short video of her farm animal sanctuary, shown at the Charity Fashion Show


32nd Annual BLSA Alumni Dinner Banquet: Honoring Suffolk Law Dean Camille Nelson

Suffolk Law Dean Camille Nelson (princesdailyjournal)

On April 14th, 2015, The Black Law Student Association hosted their 32nd annual Alumni Dinner Banquet at the Omni Parker House–Honoring Suffolk Law Dean Camille Nelson. For all of us, this was a night to really say thank you to our Dean who has changed the face of Suffolk Law and the lives who study the law forever.

Dean Nelson has been an integral part towards the learning experience of students and faculty at Suffolk Law School. Under her leadership, Suffolk Law has moved forward in preparing students to practice law in a rapidly evolving legal marketplace and has launched the Law School’s Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation, which The American Bar Association’s eLawyering Taskforce this year has recognized its law technology program among 10 top programs in the nation. (Suffolk University Boston News)

However her most notable contribution to Suffolk Law School is increasing student, faculty and administrator diversity. “Further to a successful Law School Admission Council grant application, she implemented a diversity pipeline program, Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program, to encourage undergraduate students from underrepresented groups to pursue a law degree, “Suffolk University Boston News.

Thank you Dean Camille Nelson for everything. And although I have only known you for the first year of my legal education at Suffolk, it feels like I’ve known you for a lifetime. Your personality; your smile; and your commitment to students and faculty alike are a one of a kind.

You came to us as a star and are leaving as one.

I hate to see you go, but I know now that God has better plans in-store for you. Hope to see you again soon.

–Prince Sefa-Boakye.

To see my photos from this event, go to my Flickr account or click on the link below

32nd Annual BLSA Alumni Event: Honoring Dean Camille Nelson

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Daily Newsfeed

73 year old volunteer deputy charged with manslaughter after mistaking handgun for a taser; Hilary Clinton calls out CEOs for making too much money; Iran Nuclear Deal faces its first Congressional test; Trevor Noah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and others to join Jerry Seinfeld in coffee centered web-series; and Chess grandmaster is accused of using iPhone app to cheat during international tournament. All this and more, please follow the links below.

73 year old volunteer deputy charged with manslaughter

Hilary Clinton calls out CEOs for making too much mony

Iran Nuke Deal faces its first congressional test

Trevor Noah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and others to join Sienfeld’s web series

Chess grandmaster accused of cheating during international tournament via iPhone app

Daily Newsfeed

Today the Boston Red Sox play their 104th home opening game; Trade Fight looms as Congress returns from the weekend; Jodi Arias faces sentencing today in Arizona; 800,000 children have been forced out of their homes because of Boko Haram; and Watch Hillary Clinton’s new 2016 White House campaign announcement. All this and more, please follow the links below

Today the Boston Red Sox play their 104th home opening game

Trade fight looms as congress returns from the weekend

Jodi Arias faces sentencing today in Arizona

800,000 children forced from their homes because of Boko Haram

Hilary Clinton: “I’m running for President.”

Tito Jackson’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Tito Jackson (princesdailyjournal)

Last Saturday April 11th 2015, I had the pleasure to attend and celebrate City Councilor Tito Jackson’s 40th Birthday. Special Appearance made by Debra Goldberg, Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To see my photos of this event go to my Flickr account or click on the link below.

Tito Jackson’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Don’t forget to read LaDarrel Hagans interview, Boston’s Own Community Organizer.

LaDarrel Hagans, Renowned Community Organizer

Happy Birthday Tito! And thank you again for being a great leader and role model in the black community. –Prince Sefa-Boakye

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Sunday Praise: Our Assignment in God’s Plan


“We are chosen from God. Each of us has an assignment from The Lord: to care for his people and send his message. When we fulfill our assignment, The heavens opens up and comes to us closer. He pours his grace onto us.”

Pastor Jaime preached a powerful sermon of his own life story and how one woman twenty years ago did “her assignment” to bring Jaime closer to The Lord. He said I was her assignment, her fruit and now she can walk-in to heaven and have God say to her “Good Work, My Child” What an emotional sermon!

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JPLovesit’s New YouTube Show, “JPLovesit’s Hangouts”

JP has created a new Youtube web series called “JPLovesit’s Hangout” made especially for her friends and fans alike- “It’s where music meets reality,” JP says. The idea behind the web series is to get rid of the middle man and allow artists to interview each other, themselves, and other fun stuff!

“I think this is an excellent idea because it will present an opportunity for my fans to get to know their artists even better, and see that there is a side to of all of us, besides the professional one. To summarize, this pretty much means an underground artist will have a chance to be in the spotlight and a chance for her audience to get to know her better!

As many of you already know, I’m quite down to earth. I love writing and talking about everything that goes along with passion, our feelings, love, and even subjects such as woman rights and empowerment. Besides that, expect a lot of fun, engaging, and interesting content, with special inspirational quotes, facts, images, gags and all that fun stuff in general!” –JPLovesit

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