Weekly Political Report: The Indonesian Massacre of 4,000 Black West Papuans


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This Week’s Political Report: The Indonesian Massacre of 4,000 Black West Papuans

Warning this post contains a disturbing image


In a recent report, published in October 2013, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) accuses Indonesia for exterminating 4,000 Black West Papuans from the year 1977-1978 for the sole purpose of hate and reckless power. While the world maybe fixated on the war on Terrorism in the Middle East, it’s important to remember that West Papua, and other countries, are suffering from the ills of injustice; not because of religion, politics or ideology but because of how they look and how they live their lives. The Black West Papuans are facing potential genocide while the world sits back idly in the comforts of their own home.


The people of West Papua (on the Western half of the island of New Guinea) have suffered under the Indonesian occupation since 1962. Over 500,000 civilians killed, and thousands more raped, tortured and imprisoned. Foreign media and human rights groups are banned in West Papua; so people rarely hear about this story. Despite this ban there is, however, a proud faction of activists that are utilizing modern technology to help West Papua achieve self-determination: The Free West Papua Campaign.

The Free West Papua Campaign is bringing the story of West Papua to the world while campaigning for freedom and justice in West Papua–to end 50 years of brutal violence. Indonesia’s illegal occupation of West Papua have denied West Papuans their right to self-determination and has led to countless human rights abuses.

Here are some examples of human rights abuses that have occurred in West Papua:

  • In 2012, the KNPB chairman, Mako Tabuni, was killed by Indonesian police, for raising the West Papuan flag.
  • On October 2011, A West Papuan man was tortured with a machete (to his nose) by an Indonesian solider, during a harrowing incident that captured international media attention. 
  • 1977-78, Report says Papuans in the Central Highlands were victims of napalm bombing and indiscriminate shooting from the air, sometimes from aircraft supplied to the Indonesian military by Australia and the world’s beacon of democracy the US.
  • July 2012, Jeny Badi, an 18-year-old Papuan student was gang raped by the Indonesian military and then shot dead. 
  • Today, Filep Karma a West Papuan is serving a 15 year jail sentence for simply raising his national flag.

How Does this Affect You and the World Around You?

  • The Indonesian Military has special relations its western ally Australia for over 50 years (In that same AHRC report, villagers in the Bolakme area reported that they were expecting aerial aid from Australia, instead they were bombed by American-supplied planes.)
    • Australia is an ally of the US and can easily be tied to American politics, such as budget appropriations to military operations and personnel across the world
  • Apartheid still exists. A form of discrimination that Nelson Mandela has fought for his whole life.
  • Continued disturbing images of ongoing reports of villages being burnt, Papuans being arrested, tortured and shot and its beautiful natural wilderness being devastated by logging, mining, agricultural and biofuel interests.

“The crimes committed against the people of West Papua are some of the most shameful of the past years. The Western powers have much to answer for, and at the very least should use their ample means to bring about the withdrawal of the occupying Indonesian army and termination of the shameful exploitation of resources and destruction of the environment and the lives and societies of the people of West Papua, who have suffered far too much.”

–Prof Noam Chomsky

Both the Indonesian and Australian governments have failed to comment on the subject including General Wiranto who is now running for Indonesian Presidency in 2014. And with each passing day the Black West Papuans are losing their lives and rights to self-determination. Like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela we must also raise awareness of social injustice and act on peaceful means of civil disobedience.

In a world that is full of injustice, we must make sure that it, and evil, does not prevail.

To read the article go to: www.freewestpapua.org–AHRC report
What you can do to help is share this article with friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons below. And you can go to www.freewestpapua.org to learn more about their campaign to self-determination and how you can volunteer or help.

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Reggae World–Reggae Music, Body Oils, and Clothing in San Diego, Ca

Reggae World (yelp)Where can I find Reggae Music in San Diego, California? Come to Reggae World in San Diego, Ca located on 2540 University Ave (North Park).

Reggae World has been providing Reggae Music and excellent customer service for over 10 years in San Diego. Known for its wide range of music and unique line of products such as body oils, clothing, 100% natural and eco-friendly cleansing products for the home, reggae fans and customers can not get enough of Reggae World.

Reggae World (princesdailyjournal)

The owner of Reggae World, Zulu, happens to know my family and he exactly knew what I needed for body oils. When I came home to San Diego for summer vacation (2015), I was disappointed because I left all my body oils in Boston. However when I discovered, through the power Yelp, that there was a store in San Diego that could provide all of my needs and essential home products, I was quite happy.

Reggae World (princesdailyjournal)

Reggae world is a proud small business and has been a positive influence in its immediate community for over 10 years.
*The bad reviews that were written on Yelp were not of him but of his previous employee. They were written 4 years ago and he still provides excellent customer service to all San Diegans and visitors alike today.


Store Location:

2540 University Ave
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between Arizona St & Arnold Ave
North Park

Store Hours are from Mon-Sun: 10:30am – 7:00pm

To contact their store call 619-296-5989.

Prince’s Briefcase: Ranson v. Kitner (Hicks Torts)

Hicks Torts: Intentional Torts–“Mistake”

Here is a case from Torts class which explains the concept of a “Mistake” as an intentional tort. And in this case, mistaking a dog for a wolf is enough to be liable for an intentional killing.

Case Name, Citation Number, Author
Ranson v. Kitner, Appeals Court of Illinois, 31 Ill. App. 241 1889

prince's briefcase (princesdailyjournal)Facts
–Appellant (Kitner) killed Appelle’s (Ranson) dog on a hunting trip
–Appellant says Ranson’s dog looked like a wolf
–Judgment rendered $50 in favor of the Ransom for shot dog
–Kitner appealed verdict

Did the defendant intend to kill the dog?
Was it a mistake?

If there is no intention, a mistake is sufficient to be liable for tort (shooting a dog)

No material error occurred to the prejudice of appellants (Kitner)

–The value of hunting is to kill, therefore there was an intent–regardless of a mistake.
–Trespass to chattel case–chattel being the dog.

Prince’s Takeaway
If the justice system of 1889 can see that shooting an unarmed dog is a tort, then the justice system of today should also see that shooting an unarmed human being is a tort, if not manslaughter.
Mistake for a wolf or mistake for a criminal is sufficient (or enough) to be liable for a killing. The intent of using a weapon is to kill–the intent is there.

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#WhatsPrinceDoing: Talking Business while Working on My Golf Swing


#work #study #golf

I created a New Hashtag on Instagram–thanks to Suffolk Law classmate Lauren Alexandra!

#WhatsPrinceDoing: Talking business with Meshi Davis, CEO of Bon Vivant Society Worldwide, while working on my golf swing :)


To get your tickets go to http://www.sociallyluxe.com.
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Prince in the City w/ Aki

Raptivist Aki

I’m here with upcoming artist “Raptivist” Aki. Having my morning coffee and crepes at Fabrisons. Raptivist Aki is planning to share his message through web on the power of empowerment through themselves and not to compromise the value of their art. Meaning if you Direct Quote “have a art piece worth $100 you are not going to sell it for $2.” He also wants to put out truthful artists on his website. His website will be a community for artists, activists, musicians, fashionistas to display their art to the world while empowering themselves–a launch pad for young artists to really get their name out there. His website is called “www.ReleaseAkiKharmicel.com”

His soul group is called The Blak Prints. Lead vocalists Aki Khalaq featured rap lyrics by Aki Kharmicel. and Produced by the Ak.

To follow him and his music, www.soundcloud.com/aki-kharmicel

Prince’s Briefcase: Weinberg v. Edelstein (Trujillo Contracts)

Trujillo Contracts: Vague Terms

Here is a case from my Contracts class which explains the concept of Vague Terms. And in this case, it tells the tale of the first “Dressgate” scandal: “What is a dress?!”

A matching skirt and blouse? Or a one piece garment?

Case Name, Citation Number, Author
Weinberg v. Edelstein, 110 N.Y. Supp. 2D 806 (1952)

prince's briefcase (princesdailyjournal)Procedural History
The plaintiff brought an action for an injunction (a “stop” warrant) to enforce a restrictive covenant in his lease against the defendant.

–Plaintiff (Weinberg): Dress Retailer
–Defendant (Edelstein): Skirt Retailer
–Both Retailers operated in the same building and each of their leases contained covenants restricting what they could sell.
–The plaintiff’s 5 year-lease gave him the right to sell ladies dresses, coats, and suits,
–The defendant began a lease and started to sell (among other things) matching “skirts and blouses.”
–The plaintiff then said that the defendant violated the agreement by selling matching skirts and blouses as dresses which only the plaintiff had exclusive right to sell dresses in the building
–The plaintiff then sues the defendant

Is a matching “skirt and blouse” a dress?

No because the language used in the covenant did not require the skirt retailer to ignore the almost universal trends in the sportswear industry, even though it resembled the dress retailer.

–a matched skirt and blouse garment, although identical with a two-piece dress of the same material, did not come within the same restriction in the covenant
–The industry had a long-established division between houses which manufactured dresses, and sports wear which manufactured skirts and blouses
–If the restrictive covenant had not used the generic and ambiguous term of “dress” and clearly forbade the sale of “blouse and skirt combinations” the conclusion would have been different

Unless otherwise specified, technical terms will be given the meaning granted within the industry because those working within the industry know or should know the industry standard (Restatement §202(3)) (Go to notes)

Injunction denied

Restatements 202(3): Unless a different intention is manifested, (a) where language has a generally prevailing meaning, it is interpreted in accordance with that meaning; (b) technical terms and words of art are given their technical meaning when used in a transaction within their technical field.

Prince’s Takeaway:
Weinberg wanted to eliminate the competition by imposing an injunction against Edelstein from selling matching skirt and blouses.

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Cal Uniforms Inc. San Diego, Ca–Uniforms for Police, Security, Nurses & EMT

Where can I find a uniform for my job? Come to Cal-Uniforms located at 3755 Park Blvd. in San Diego, Ca. With their main location in San Diego, California, they are able to leverage buying power with purchasing groups to help you save money!

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Check out my article piece I’ve written on the General Manager of Cal-Uniforms, Carl Adrian. It talks about his life story and philosophy on life

Spotlight Feature: Carl Adrian, San Diego Bachata Dance Instructor

Also check out my YouTube interview I did with Carl one year ago.

Prince in The City w/ Carl Adrian, San Diego Bachata Dance Instructor

#FlashBackFriday: Completing my 1L Year at Suffolk Law School


I laughed with new friends, I cried alongside my mentors, and I completed my 1L year with my classmates

It has been a little over a week, since I completed my first year of law school. And I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has touched me. Thank you to those who fed me breakfast in the mornings (Omni Parker Hotel and Ritz Carlton) and to those who kept my spirit strong (La Iglesia Cristiana de Nueva Vida). My year wouldn’t have been successful with you guys. I also want to say thank you to my family and God for nourishing me both financially and physically.

Three people that I wish to recognize that made this year phenomenal are: Dr. Cornel West, Late Attorney Mark Fischer, and Dean Camille Nelson.

Thank you Dr. West for picking up the phone, when I was 17 years old, and leave a voicemail saying how awesome I was. That day when I shared tears with you in Boston will forever be my cherished moment. Me becoming a law student at that time was a testament to your goodwill.

Thank you Attorney Mark Fischer for wearing your signature bespoke tailored suit. If you hadn’t worn that light blue suit on that day, I would not have approached you nor would you give me that little push to apply to law school in our interview–plus have an interest of what you did before you were laid to rest. I honestly believe that it was your letter of recommendation that got me into Suffolk Law School. So thank you Mr. Fischer and may you Rest in Peace.

And lastly but not least thank you Dean Nelson for being a great role model and enthusiastic dean. When I first came to Suffolk’s welcoming party and saw you, I knew right away that I was home. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best as you venture out in the world to change more lives as you did with the students of Suffolk Law School.

And Also thank you to my evening division class for listening to my off-the wall questions and putting up with my morning food pics.


Prince Sefa-Boakye

Cuisine & Dining: Fabrison’s Cafe (Hotel Del Coronado)

Fabrison's Cafe (princesdailyjournal)For all of your crepe cravings come to Fabrison’s café–located on 1125 Adella Ave in Coronado, Ca and in Little Italy on 425 India St (San Diego, Ca). The number one reason why you should come here, is that it is the only restaurant (in Coronado) that serves savory nutella crepes!

Fabrison’s has over 20 crepes to choose from–veggie crepes, turkey crepes, to sweet mouth-watering chocolate dessert crepes. Fabrison’s has been in the crepe business for five years and customers from all over the world cannot get enough of Fabrison’s delicious crepes.

Fabrison’s is not only a great place to come in the morning after a big run but to experience French cuisine and hospitality–inspired by owners Fabrice and Allison Borel. Their hospitality is a reflection of their staff, whom I had the pleasure knowing during my short stay in Coronado. When I asked Fabrice in my interview, “what is the most rewarding aspect of his job as an owner?,” he said, “being able to support the families of the employees who work for us.” Not only does Fabrice and Allison put their customers first but their employees as well!

So when you do come by and support the business of Fabrison’s, you are also supporting the families of the employees who work day-in and day-out to provide excellent customer service!

Fabrison’s is open for breakfast, lunch and now dinner, and offer cooking lessons to all who are interested!
Fabrison’s has two locations:

425 India St.
San Diego, Ca

1120 Adella Ave.
Coronado, Ca.
(Right across from Hotel del Coronado and inside El Cordova Hotel)

If you do come down to Coronado, my favorite crepe “Dark Chocolate w/ Strawberries.” But if you are looking for something to fill you up get the “Fabrice’s Breakfast Crepe.” It has sausage, beacon, cheddar cheese all tucked inside a warm crepe.

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If you are interested to have Fabrison’s cater your next event go to www.fabrisons.com.
To follow Fabrison’s on Facebook go to www.facebook.com/fabrisons
You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram @fabrisons

Here is their yelp page: www.yelp.com/fabrisons

Here is a short clip of how they make their signature crepes! This one is called “The Hungry Bear” prepared by Chef Ramon De La Mora. It has sausage, ham, bacon, eggs, and mushrooms all tucked under a toasty crepe.

Prince’s Briefcase: Ashcroft v. Iqbal (Glannon Civil Procedure)

Glannon Civil Procedure: Pleadings

Here is a case from my Civil Procedure course which explains the correct way to plead a claim. No longer will a court hear “Basic Pleadings” or grievance complaints like Dioguardi v. Durning. This is also known as the “Well-Pleaded” standard or the “Twombly” Standard

Case Name, Citation Number, Author
Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 556 U.S. 662 (2009), Supreme Court of The United States

prince's briefcase (princesdailyjournal)Procedural History
District court dismiss Iqbal’s motion, relying on the Conley Standard (like Dioguardi v. Durning but needs facts, Go to Notes) saying that there was no set of facts on which Iqbal would be entitled to relief; Iqbal appealed the decision. The Court of Appeals then found that the pleading was adequate and said that the Twombly rule (enough to show claim is plausible, Go to Notes) does not apply universally–meaning only a few cases (Iqbal was straightforward: race discrimination). Supreme Court then granted certiorari–meaning they heard the case.

–Iqbal was a citizen of Pakistan and got arrested and detained by federal officials (Ashcroft) were investigating the 9/11 terrorist attacks
–Iqbal was supposedly tortured and claimed that his treatment while in detention violated his constitutional rights.
–Iqbal sued FBI Director Mueller, and Attorney General Ashcroft
–Iqbal claims that the FBI designated him because of his race, religion, and national origin.
–There was a statistic which showed thousands of Arab Muslim men being arrested and detained

Did Iqbal adequately plead his claim of injustice and racial discrimination?


An allegation is “well-pleaded” when it is more than a “mere conclusory statement”—more than just a “threadbare recital of the elements of the cause of action.”

–Iqbal’s case was a restatement of an element in the discrimination claim= It was conclusory and generic. This is not enough for the court to hear your claim.
–Iqbal need to give facts plausibly showing that Ashcroft purposefully detained him because of his race, religion, or national origin. There was nothing to show for it.
–The court will still accept the factual allegations of the complaint as true but only if the court can assume its veracity.
–His pleading contained no facts–just a basic grievance to grant him relief under the law.

Reversed and Remanded to lower court

–Conley Rule: “a complaint should not be dismissed for failure to state a claim, unless it appears beyond doubt that the plaintiff can prove no set of facts in support of his claim which would entitle him to relief.
–Twombly Rule: Plaintiffs must allege enough to show that their claim is “plausible” not just conceivable
–There was no jury trial because the claim was not “well-pleaded”. The Judge(s) gave the verdict and not the jury
–Dissenting opinion: The court isn’t supposed to consider whether the allegations are probably true–they are supposed to take them as true. Meaning Judges can’t enforce red-tape!

Prince’s Takeaway
A plaintiff must not only show that Defendant violated her rights, but must also allege supporting evidence of the violations. PLEAD THE “FACTS CONSTITUTINTG A CAUSE OF ACTION” RATHER THAN LEGAL CONCLUSIONS. HERESAY or the Race Card won’t cut it.
–Courts and lawyers cite Ashcroft v. Iqbal over 100 times!
–if there was an email that showed Ashcroft purposefully detaining Iqbal and other Arab Muslim men, then Iqbal’s claim would have a case!

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Socially Luxe’s Red Carpet Launch Party June 11th 2015–GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY

Socially Luxe (princesdaiilyjournal)

Socially Luxe–Where Beauty, Intellect, and Fashion Meet.

I am proud to announce that Bon Vivant Society Worldwide will be launching their new Red Carpet Networking Club “Socially Luxe” this June (June 11th) at the The Olympic Collection and Conference Center in Los Angeles, California!

Socially Luxe offer individuals, entrepreneurs and amazing companies, memberships to a Semi-Exclusive & Exclusive Red Carpet Networking Club, where you & your brand can receive the attention for outstanding performances it deserves.

They take the initiative to connect you to the right people, at every event across the nation. Each event is different–setting the bar to accomplish one common goal: creating new relationships while promoting brand awareness to new targeted audiences worldwide.

From the red carpet, to social media, Socially Luxe has you covered.


Not only is this a celebration but an opportunity to give back to charity: The St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital! Each member that will be attending this event will have the opportunity to help Socially Luxe raise funds to help children fighting Cancer and other deadly diseases!

I am excited to say that I will be attending this event alongside a very beautiful and special guest!

Event Details
Thursday, June 11, 2015 | 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (PDT)
The Olympic Collection Banquet & Conference Center
11301 Olympic Blvd
The Regency Ballroom
Los Angeles, CA 90064

To book now, click on the link below and help fight cancer!


You can also follow Socially Luxe on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sociallyluxe

Prince’s Briefcase: Spivey v. Battaglia (Hicks Torts)

Hicks Torts: Intentional Torts

Here is a case from my Torts class which explains the concept of an intentional tort or an offensive and harmful contact against an individual. Even an unsolicited hug is viewed as a tort under the law.

Case Name, Citation Number, Author
Spivey v. Battaglia 258 So. 2d 815, 1972 Fla.

prince's briefcaseFacts
–Petitioner (Spivey) and Respondent (Battaglia) are employees of the same factory, Battaglia Fruit Co.
–Battaglia knows Spivey to be an extremely shy person
–Battaglia puts his arm around Spivey and pulled her head towards him: a “friendly unsolicited hug” occurs
–Resulting from the hug, Spivey suffered a sharp pain in the back of her neck and ear, and another sharp pain in the base of her skull.
–Spivey became paralyzed on the left side of her face and mouth.

Did Battaglia’s actions constitute an Assault & Battery? Or negligence as a matter of law?

Negligence is an unintentional act, therefore no assault or battery
Assault and Battery is an intentional act, therefore assault and battery
For Definition of Assault and Battery go to Notes

Battaglia’s actions constituted as a Negligence tort.
Defendant (Battaglia) must foresee the injuries from an unsolicited hug.
A reasonable person must foresee the physical injury as substantially certain from an unsolicited hug. Therefore, Battaglia did not commit an assault or battery on Spivey–he could not reasonably foresee the bizarre physical injuries from a hug.

Assault: The intent to cause an apprehension (fear) in the present imminent danger with reasonable belief (substantial certainty) that you will cause an offensive contact. BUT NO CONTACT RESULTING.

Battery: The intent to cause a harmful or offensive contact, or an imminent apprehension of such contact, which the harmful or offensive contact the person directly or indirectly results.

Prince’s Takeaway
The court is wrong in my opinion because Battaglia reasonably knew that Spivey was extremely shy, thereby causing her to have an immediate apprehension with substantial certainty that something bad will happen to her. An example is when President George Bush had a shoe thrown at him in Iraq.

He substantially knew that the actor was going to hit him, causing him to experience an immediate apprehension of the risks from his act therefore “ducking the shoe.” This was an act of assault and not battery because he was not hit by the shoe. However why this example is like Spivey is because both actors knew the victim’s uncomfortable tendencies from their unwanted and “unsolicited” action. Therefore it should be an assault and not negligence. *You could add Battery to Spivey because it can be foreseen by a reasonable person that some injury would result from that “unsolicited hug” by Battaglia–he could have poked Spivey’s eye out!

All content is the property of Prince’s Daily Journal LLC, any use of distribution without express written permission is strictly prohibited. Copyright (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved