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Check out my site, where I tell you my story and why I’m living like an entrepreneur from home (Boston and San Diego), Law School, and at fancy restaurants. Here is Cherry Farjado, the face of … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz campaign aide says Donald Trump is running the Seinfeld candidacy; The Congressional Black Caucus picks Hillary Clinton; John Hopkins has become the first hospital to perform organ transplants … Continue reading

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Daily Newsfeed

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win the New Hampshire primaries; Johnny Depp stars as Donald Trump in the movie “The Art of the Deal”; Afghan women need US support more … Continue reading

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Daily Newsfeed

The Denver Broncos won SuperBowl 50; Beyoncé raises eyebrows at the Super Bowl halftime show; Bill Clinton accuses Bernie Sanders’ supporters of sexist attacks against Hillary; India bans Facebook’s “free … Continue reading

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Daily Newsfeed

Pentagon Chief wants to adjust $59 billion war fund; First US Zika transmission has now been reported to sex and not mosquito bite; Donald Trump leads by 24 points in … Continue reading

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Daily Newsfeed

The media piles on Trump after loss in Iowa; Hillary Clinton narrowly wins but a recount still looms; ISIS has been pushed back in Syria and Iraq but a threat in … Continue reading

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Daily Newsfeed

The Iowa caucus vote starts today!, here is everything you need to know from the best two candidates; Trump responds to ex-fielder organizer’s claim of sex discrimination case; Congressional GOP … Continue reading

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Daily Newsfeed

FBI releases video Oregon militia man Lavoie Finnicum’s death; The Huffington Post will now refer Donald Trump as racist in their coverage; Equal pay litigator Lilly Ledbetter endorses Hillary Clinton; … Continue reading

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What is Politics? Election 2016 Prince Sefa-Boakye, law student entrepreneur and political correspondent answers the question “what is politics?” Politics to many is speeches but really its more about “Marshalling Ideas And Moving Men” … Continue reading

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What is a niche market?

What is a niche? What is niche marketing? In this video I give three tips on how to create your niche and how to provide a product to boost you … Continue reading

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PSA: Leave of Absence

Starting from 12/7-12/18, I will not be posting my daily talks on this site for law school examination purposes. In the meantime, if you wish to be on my mailing … Continue reading

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Weekly Spiritual Digest: The Kind of Leader WE Need

A wicked ruler is as dangerous to the poor as a roaring lion or an attacking bear. A ruler with no understanding will oppress his people, but one who hates … Continue reading

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What are good marketing strategies?

Prince Sefa-Boakye, law student and student-entrepreneur, answers the question: What are good marketing strategies? You just started your own business but you need help with marketing. Watch the video and … Continue reading

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